Thursday, 16 March 2017

Using a Hair Straightening Brush

People who have curly hair sometimes find themselves wanting straight hair but only had the choice of using flat irons, which could ruin your hair by turning into a mass of fragile split hair.  On the market today, there is another option to get straight hair and that is a hair straightening brush.  This is a tool that is designed to straighten and detangle your hair.   It helps to ionize your hair and helps recover its natural strength, brilliance, and beauty.  It will make your hair obedient and smooth.

The electric hair straightening brush has a heating element that will help you create a stylish hairstyle in just minutes.  This brush can handle with even extremely stubborn curly hair because it has several temperature modes, which are suitable for weakened, coarse, and thin hair.  The teeth of the brush have special massage tips that help to boost your blood flow to the bulbs of the hair to help them grow faster.  This type of brush will never damage or pull out your hair.

The first things you need to do before using the hair straightening brush wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.  It you have very curly hair y\use a condition that has moisturizing features that is drier than other conditioners.  While your hair is still wet, apply special thermal protective products on your hair to help enhance the effect of the electric hair straightening brush and avoid the loss of hair.  Some of the products are lotions, serums, mousses, or sprays.  Now you need to let your hair dry naturally.

It is important that your hair be well combed and totally dry before you use your brush to straighten your hair.  If the hair is wet or damp you could damage your hair structure and burning your scalp.  Do not use a blow dryer to dry you hair before using the brush because your hair can become overdried.  If you notice that you have split ends you should get them cut before you use your straightening brush.

With this hair straightening brush, you can style your hair within five to ten minutes and the heating element helps to keep the brush evenly heated.  No longer will you have problems with your hair such as brunt hair or scalp, or hair that is split, fragile, damaged.  The brush generally has four settings you can use according to your hair type. It is even safe to use on a child’s curly hair.

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